The Outlet Mall 66.

The Outlet Mall 66.

With an impressive architecture, beautiful ceiling with a skylight, and an attractive fountain surrounded by an abundant garden, The Outlet 66 Mall offers you an enjoyable and outstanding shopping experience.Currently, the mall has 77 shops and 41 corridor modules, offering customers a broad range of options at the time of purchase. In addition, in our facilities are located a carousel for children, and a last generation.cinema with seven viewing rooms and a play area. The Outlet 66 Mall has been positioned in the community as a unique space where even the most discerning person will find everything they are looking for.Among the features that will make your experience an unique and fulfilling one, we have an outstanding security system, air conditioning and a large parking. We are surrounded by major roads, as State Road 3 and Highway Route 66. These features make our mall the most visited by our residents and tourists.

18400 Autopista Roberto Sánchez Vilella, Canovanas, Canóvanas 00729, Puerto Rico

+1 787-256-7040

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Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm

Sunday: 11am – 7pm

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18400 St. Road #3 St. 205 Canovanas P.R. 00729,