Hi Developers at InfoCity Caribe,

Thanks for contacting the Google Play team.

During review we found that your app InfoCity Caribe(biz.buildapps.infocitycaribe) violates our Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy.

Our policy states:

  • We don’t allow apps that use another app or entity’s brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users. Don’t try to imply an endorsement or relationship with another entity where none exists.

During my review, I wasn’t able to confirm your app’s relationship with the original content or brand owner(

In order for me to process your appeal, please reply with verifiable documentation that your app is authorized.

The documentation(PDF) needs to clearly indicate your ownership, or authorization.

Examples of verifiable documentation include, but not limited to : distribution agreement, authorization contract, website domain information and et cetera. 

You may also provide an authorization letter on the entity’s official letterhead with verifiable information and signature that indicate your rights to use the content in this app.

I won’t be able to reinstate your app without documentation. I appreciate your assistance and look forward to your reply.

The Google Play Team

Check out this short video for more policy guidance and best practices: 10 tips to stay on the right side of Google Play policy.